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Elder Advocates, Inc. is an independent company dedicated to assisting clients and their families in resarching and acquiring needed medical/ placement services and benefits. Our services include the following:

Comprehensive Assessment

In this process, the client’s individual needs are evaluated and a written plan of care is developed. The Comprehensive Assessment includes:

  • Medical and Social History

  • Medication Review

  • Functional Assessment

  • Safety Considerations

  • Financial Analysis

  • Benefit Eligibility Assessment

  • Support System Assessment

During the assessment process, clients will receive a resource notebook for educational purposes. Assessment can be done at our office location or off-site if preferred.

Crisis Management


We have the medical expertise to assist clients and their families at the hospital emergency room and when things just simply don't go as planned.



Elder Advocates, Inc. has compiled an extensive database of information on facilities, services and resources in the Central Florida and Orlando area including (Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties). The Elder Advocate, Inc.staff is committed to continually updating this database to ensure that you have current information available for making your medical and care management decisions.

Care Management Services


This process utilizes our professional expertise to implement the customized care management needs developed in the Comprehensive Assessment. Care management services may include such activities as:

  • Consulting with physicians and other medical staff on client’s behalf.

  • Making the necessary arrangements for facility admissions, transfers, and discharges.

  • Arranging for needed in-home services, modifications and equipment.

  • Medical monitoring of frail clients in crisis.

  • Coordinating medical services when multiple disciplines are involved.

  • Acting as Health Care Surrogate for clients without loved ones to represent them in this capacity.

  • Negotiating with insurance companies for needed eligible services.

  • Reconciliation of billing issues

  • Advocacy of patient care in hospitals and facilities

Benefit Filing Assistance


This process involves assistance in determining public assistance eligibility, gathering and organizing the required paperwork, filing an application, and communicating with the caseworkers.

Special Needs / Guardian Trust Consulting


We provide consulting services for Special Needs / Guardian Trusts of disabled clients of ALL ages. These consulting services can include clinical assessments to identify medical needs and set up appropriate services, environmental assessments to identify needed home modifications, and assistance in acquiring appropriate needed medical equipment.

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